How long will it take to finish the job?

Each project is slightly different and will depend on the surface area and the stains or depth of the moss or ingrained dirt that will need to be removed. We will assess your driveway, patio or commercial/retail space and provide you with a competitive quote.

How long will results last?

Again, each job that our technicians carry out will be different. The lasting results will depend on things like the elements that the space is exposed to, how damp the area is (for example, if you are located in a woodland area), and how often the area is used (tyre marks, oil, etc.). We recommend a regular clean at least annually in areas that attract issues and twice-annually where your driveway or outside space is fairly dry.

Why should I not do the work myself?

Cleaning a vast space including driveways, pathways, car parks and patios is:

  • Time consuming
  • Hard working as elbow grease is usually needed
  • Weak results from less powerful options when it comes to pressure washing
  • Tiring
  • Potentially harmful when using chemicals
  • We use only 100% water pressure and industrial equipment that does the job quickly and efficiently, with lasting results

What machinery do you use?

Only the best high quality industrial equipment comes with us on our vans when we attend to your property. Our rotary cleaners are connected to the best brand of machine and produce high power jets yet keep the mess close meaning windows, doors and surrounding brickwork isn’t subject to mess from dirty water.

Will stains be removed?

In most cases stains are removed, those such as oil, paint, petrol, diesel and tyre marks are usually removed with ease. This does, however, depend on how long they have been left as long-standing stains can be very stubborn.

Do you need access to my water?

Yes please. However, we don’t use as much water as you would using a domestic pressure washer as our equipment allows our technicians to complete the job much more quickly than weaker tools.

Any more questions?

Please contact us directly to discuss with us your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.